Forever amazed at how vast & wide & simple & complex life is, I wake every morning with a desire to create, organize and improve all I can.  Art is my passion. Creating isn’t my choice; it is how I am fashioned by my Creator.  He creates magnificent sunsets and ever changing skies with surprise rainbows thrown in every so often, for our enjoyment. I feel that the sky is His very mood displayed for us to feel His love and presence. Maybe in a small way, I can do the same.

You will notice that a sunset scene comprises the background for this blog. It is there as representation of the amazing creative sky our Creator provides and to stand for the magnificent daily value of beauty and art. Art isn't frivolous, it is necessary for our well being.

Art shows itself in many forms. Performing artists create music, dance and theater. Fashion artists create items for us to wear. Architectural artists develop spaces and places for functional, beautiful & easy living. Culinary artists tempt our palettes. Visual artists create "eye candy" causing introspection, retrospection, new insight or pure enjoyment. Graphic artists design and produce graphics, illustrations and photography for effective beautiful communication and organization. 

Coupled with few words or maybe even no words at all, visual creations portray thoughts, emotions and feelings; which can convey a message or explain ideas quickly, while at the same time encouraging a change in mood. Visual art is extremely powerful! It allows you to see beyond yourself into ideas familiar, new and/or exotic furthering understanding or manipulating perceptions. Graphic art creates solutions specific to communication and organizational needs.

As a graphic artist I find it difficult to choose only one genre. An element from photography, for example, lends itself to use in an illustration. If a sunset was just photographed that visual reference helps paint a twilight background behind a rendered building. Ideas for a logo can easily come from a recent drawing or simplified photo. A brochure is created from the combination of design, illustration, photography, typography and copy. The same basic compositional elements apply to each category.  

As a result, you will find variety from each of my studios: 

     Heartlocket Hollow Studio - fine art & fantasy creations
     C Marshall Arts Studio  -  graphic art & commercial design

Please visit both sites/blogs, you will find links in the right hand column. Then, let me know how I can help your vision come alive in tangible form to further your business or imagination! Contact me through email or telephone at the studio number: 727.460.0721 (You will find complete contact information on the contact page.)