Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HLH Studio Promotional Materials Design

HLH Studio & Studio Shop
Promotional Collateral Material

The recent design for Online Presence & Advertising Material promote HLH Art Studio & Shop endeavoring to enchant from a whimiscal perspective. The studio name is derived from enchantment originating inside a heart-shaped silver locket. The art produced by the studio is light-hearted and centered around this enchanted place called "Heartlocket Hollow" thus HLH. Once a logo has been established, colors selected and typography decided upon, the materials needed for promotion are designed continuing the theme. The most difficult part of a corporate look or company identity is choosing the initial design theme. Once that has been selected each graphic item needed for promotion is a matter of designing for clear communication and then layout production.

I share this because "HLH Studio" is C Marshall Arts most demanding client of 2011! Visit either of the sites: Heartlocket Hollow Studio or Heartlocket Hollow Studio Shop to view the results! Then let me know what you think!

Monday, May 30, 2011

May 2011 Sunset and Words


The West Coast of Florida Sunset
Indian Rocks Beach
Calming, timeless and oh so...


If you will notice, I decided to use this photo for the background image of this blogsite. The canvas of the sky is painted for us everyday by Our Wonderful Loving God! 

The words coupled with this photo
are not mine...
they were sent to me 
by a dear, amazing friend!

You know who you are!

Let me help you take special words,
couple them with an inspirational photo...
To create a piece for you...
to send, post or display!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CMA Graphic Design Hand Out

Successful Design = 
More than just Words + Images

An effective Graphic Design Solution combines Design, Photography, Illustration and Copy beautifully and succinctly.

The goal?

Effective Clear Communication

Each of the projects displayed on this CMA Hand Out were created completely by C Marshall Arts Studio, from photography and text to illustration and layout.

CMA Illustration Hand Out

Specializing in illustration, this CMA Hand Out shows examples from Architectural Renderings to Whimsical Characters and Murals to Digital Creations.

Once layout work was complete for the basic flyer, selection of images became a matter of picking and choosing a compilation of illustrations to show overall variety. New examples will easily be inserted into each section of the tri-fold design in the future (possibly the work I will be doing for YOU!).

C Marshall Arts Studio can produce custom illustrations for you of realistic, fantasy, digital or "brush-in-hand" creations suited to your specifications.  Contact the studio to discuss your ideas! 

CMA Photography Hand Out

Recently prepared for hand out purposes, the new CMA Photography Flyers show varied photography examples. To be distributed digitally or physically, they are available by request.

It is interesting to note - 
Designing for yourself is much more difficult than designing for another company (I am sure fellow designers would agree). The actual process of doing so is a great exercise. 

Yes, I stretched these "fingers" to their limit... but I also now have better organized digital photography files!