Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HLH Studio Promotional Materials Design

HLH Studio & Studio Shop
Promotional Collateral Material

The recent design for Online Presence & Advertising Material promote HLH Art Studio & Shop endeavoring to enchant from a whimiscal perspective. The studio name is derived from enchantment originating inside a heart-shaped silver locket. The art produced by the studio is light-hearted and centered around this enchanted place called "Heartlocket Hollow" thus HLH. Once a logo has been established, colors selected and typography decided upon, the materials needed for promotion are designed continuing the theme. The most difficult part of a corporate look or company identity is choosing the initial design theme. Once that has been selected each graphic item needed for promotion is a matter of designing for clear communication and then layout production.

I share this because "HLH Studio" is C Marshall Arts most demanding client of 2011! Visit either of the sites: Heartlocket Hollow Studio or Heartlocket Hollow Studio Shop to view the results! Then let me know what you think!

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