Sunday, January 27, 2013

Company Folders

Suncoast LED Displays Company Folders

The folder design for Suncoast utilizes three main features:

1   Bright Blue coloring phased into the LED Close-up Photo - Serves as a background to stand for brilliance as well as Sky/Suncoast. 
2   Choosing the yellow-gold of the sun and accents, furthers the company's logo vibe. 
3   Stripes fading to transparent adds the motion of moving light theme, which is exactly what LED Displays provide. 

Along with the standard information: Logo, contact info and avatar phrase; we have the folder needed to promote the company's new look. It maintains and furthers corporate identity while providing a dynamic folder in which hand out specific company materials. Our business cards are glossy white which stand out nicely in the business card slits provided on the inside folded flap. Now imagine them without the guide lines, cut and folded, glued at the tabs and you have the completed folder!

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